Waiting For The Rain

photo by @unclr
photo by @unclr and used under the terms of the Creative Commons

@unclr’s photo above comes closest to the view I saw as the clouds rolled in from the east over the hills of Cannes with the sun coming up behind them. It was like watching an army on the march, ready to spring into an attack, yet just keeps walking on by towards a battle front far away.

That same evening, after the clouds had marched away, the early evening was sunny and warm for this time of year. Normally by now in Cannes, it is more sweater weather with cool north winds and/or rain, but for these past couple of weeks has been like those indian summers I’d experienced often in Canada. Can you still call it indian summer when France doesn’t have any aboriginal people?

Today it’s still warm in Cannes, though partly cloudy. I’ve written before how I like turbulent weather. While walking Baka at lunch I looked longingly at the sky hoping it will rain sometime before the end of the day. Though I suspect I’m going to be denied that pleasure for a long while yet.