The road from Gorbio

Last Wednesday I had a field support call in Monaco after which I went up to Gorbio once more to visit “Auntie” Jilly and drop off some cables for her new iMac. The day was again overcast and with the occasional drizzle. I was in a good and relaxed mood as a result. I’m kind of warped that way, finding pleasure in the turbulent weather that others find depressing.

D50 looking east
towards Gorbio.

D50 looking towards
Menton and Italy.

I really enjoy the drive along the D50, which runs along the hills from Gorbio to the Grand Corniche just above Roquebrune village. It is woody, a little remote, peaceful, and offers wonderful views. The route is about 8 kilometres long and is very popular for walkers, runners, and cyclists. At this time of year, it’s about the only place I get a true sense of autumn, as the south of France tends to be constantly green due to the warmer climate of the region.

D50 looking south
over Cap Martin.

Grande Corniche looking
west towards Monaco.

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  1. What breathtaking photos! You are so lucky to live by such a beautiful place. It would be so inspiring to be able to see this everyday!

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