The Lost Tempest

Most people think I’m warped in interesting way. Ever since I was a child I have more fond memories of snow falls, thunder storms, and turbulent weather, than I do a sunny day. For some reason a hot and sunny day in summer I find boring, nothing on TV, can’t sit still roasting in the sun by a pool or a beach, friends often away on vacation, little to do, or to hot to do anything. However I’ve always managed to find an interesting activity on days most others would prefer to be otherwise: skiing, snow fights, squash, rugby, running, walking, TV, books, movies, dining, games, Lego, code, …

Something about a sunny day zaps my energy and will (though a violently windy sunny day works me, go figure). Never really understood why. Always figured it was simply because of fond experiences, but also the other sensations that go along with them: the dim sombre light outside, the dark approach of a storm, the smell of wood smoke, pine, and moist vegetation, a warm fire inside, soft gentle lights and smells spilling from the kitchen, the comfort and warmth of home.

The Storm by Blackmore’s Night from their Fires at Midnight album expresses much of these feelings I have so well and ever since first hearing it, I often play it on overcast days, a form of rain dance or offering to Baal, Perun, and Thor to bring it on.