The Fée Gully

I promised Baka (and myself) a long walk at dawn this morning. Something that I’ve neglected for a few months now. My apartment building lies before one of the hills surrounding Cannes and at the edge of lovely residential neighbourhood which supports a lot of greenery as you move up the hill in and around the million dollar homes.

One route I enjoy is about two and half kilometres long, goes up part of the base of the hill and follows along a lovely woody area surrounding a gully. It always smells so nice in spring or after rainfall there. However, it saddens me when I see what people have done by dumping refuse, junk, bits of cars, or skeletons of scooters left by thieves. Such a beautiful tranquil area despoiled by the uncaring dregs of mankind and no one to rescue it.

Despite that, dawn was exceptional with the thin sliver of the waning crescent moon to be seen just rising above the black hill against a navy blue sky as Baka and I walked up the road.

Only the wind could be heard rustling through the trees. For a long while not a sound, then something sounding like a crow woke and was the only voice to be heard.

Even the little sparrow we spotting on the gully road preferred to remain silent as Baka and I approached, flitting off into a tree in silence. Even the crow remained quiet for a while as we passed through the gully. Almost magical feeling as though you were moving through the home of fée.

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