Restless in Cannes

It’s a warm summer Sunday morning in Cannes and the full moon is it’s at zenith, bright against the clear blue sky of dawn’s early light. A rare sight by day. Wonder how many pay attention to it even at night?

Didier L., my doctor and neighbour from up the street, and I go each Sunday for a 10Km run, part of which goes along the RN7 coast road, Palm Beach, and the Croisette. Lots of people out making similar exertions this morning. Most likely health conscious tourists. We hardly see the same numbers or same people running in the winter months, so it’s almost certain that they’re not local. Shame really. Would be nice to add people to our Sunday run. I’d welcome running with some other people at more of a clip. Didier’s pace is a little slow for what I’m used to, but then again it is nice to vary the pace from race against the clock speeds to a more leisurely trot & chat from time to time.