Morning cool down

I like to road run early in the mornings, especially when I’ve got the routine going, before the rest of the world creates too much of a ruckuss. Always helps put the day in perspective if you can watch a sun rise, smell the scents of flowers and trees, and the general well being of getting at least one positive thing done, even if the rest of the day doesn’t go so well.

As summer solstice approaches with the days getting longer and warmer, I often find myself having to sit for half an hour in a bath robe following my shower in order to cool down before I can put on clean clothes. I remember the summer of the 2003 heat wave in France, making the mistake of not taking some time to cool off, getting dressed, walking Cotton, and finding that I had to change my clothes once more before driving into work.

Small moments of calm, just sitting, reading email and news, sipping tea, are just as good as running or sitting in a café with a glass of wine. That warm glow, flushed cheeks, and muscles just a little stiff so as to make you sit really still and just be.