Looking back…

While walking Baka one early morning, the sun rise was reflected in the scattered clouds that had a blood like colour that slowly cooled as we completed our morning circuit.

A few days later, during another walk with Baka in the late evening during the trailing edge of the setting sun, the sky just at the point between deep dark navy blue and utter black. The only contrast was the early risen crescent moon.

At the time I wrote the above, I had had a mixture of thoughts as to what should be expressed. I realised I was actually thinking of two different images at once and chose to describe the first. It was only later as I prepared for sleep that the second came to the fore.

Nearby to where I live is an old chapel in a domain (think small gated community). I forget the name of it just now. One day I really should walk over there and snap some pics. In the eight years I’ve lived in this neighbourhood I’ve only driven by twice. I haven’t quite figure this chapel out, since it doesn’t chime like one might expect. I suspect they have a system of simplified chimes that is intended not to disturb the residents late at night.

Anyway, it is one of those lovely rustic European customs I adore that give so much character to a place, much like the 42 year old grandfather clock from my parent’s old chalet, which now graces my apartment. The chimes that remind me of so much of memories past.