How Daydreaming Leads to Abuse

[10:14:51] AH: Was daydreaming while walking Baka, he pissed on somebody’s step ladder, they got miffed about a little waste water, ground is wet from rain.
[10:15:13] AH: People seem to get all upset about dogs pissing on their car tires, but happily ignore the mud and shit they drive through.
image002-640x480[10:15:28] SF: (chuckle)
[10:15:39] SF: That’s pretty funny
[10:16:12] AH: It is actually. The French seem to take great offence about anything of theirs being pissed on.
[10:16:49] SF: Hehehehe – that’s given me the giggles just thinking about it.
[10:17:39] SF: I have a mental image of a typical Frechman going about his work on a stepladder smoking a Disque Blu cigarette and silently cursing under his breath.
[10:18:40] SF: Then you walk down the road idly looking into the middle distance, one foot going in front of the other automatically – the familiar pull and wiggle on the lead as Baka walks along.
[10:20:01] SF: You instinctively stop as you feel Baka stop – then get a torrent of abuse from the frenchman as you notice Baka has cocked his leg and is pissing carefully up the steps of the guys ladder ……. ROFL….!