Green Spaces

A warm blustery west wind, Le Ponent, was blowing back and forth through my apartment, tapping and slamming doors and windows that refused to remain wedged open. The rustle of the trees below my balcony at times was the only sound to be heard.

Shawna Coronado is an avid gardener and green fiend. She’s probably one of the few who is not tweeting a marketing agenda on Twitter and actually says something about her life, hobbies, the environemnt, and her cute dog, Harry The Pug. Though Baka The Bichon is cuter IMHO 😉

Now I’m no gardener. I have neither patience or temperament for it, plus allergies tends to put me off the idea. However, I still appreciate both tended and natural green spaces; the calm that can be found in a garden, park, or forest, away from the hustle and diesel of busy streets. I try to appreciate them when ever I can, particularly while out walking Baka.

The neighbourhood I live in Cannes (just below SuperCannes) has many green spaces, typically on the grounds of private homes and estates. In between them are many natural spaces in areas where it is very difficult to build like step ravines and gullies. I like these particular spaces, as they’re woody, shady, almost magical, as though they are home to Kami.