Festive Birds

It was late Friday night and I had an unexpected visitor come to Cannes and drag me out to wonder about the Cannes Film Festival. We eventually ended up at Croisette 72 café opposite the Martinez hotel for drinks and people watching.

This past weekend the Cannes Film Festival parties were subdued compared to past years. I didn’t hear any music drift down from the hills of Cannes through the night. Normally the first weekend during the festival has several loud late night parties. It wouldn’t be so bad if they invited some of the neighbours, like me; if I’m going to be kept awake, I may as well have some fun.

Regardless whether the festival is on or not, the early spring mornings in Cannes around av. Isola Bella are very peaceful. Only the steady rhythm of birds as dawn’s light rises and the last remnants of Jasmine scents are carried by the mild chill air.