Deep in the Gubbins

Summer along the Côte d’Azur can be glorious, once you get yourself out of traffic, park, find a table, get served a drink, and cool down enough to noticed that the world around you is beautiful.

On the way to Monaco to fix the music box at Stars’N’Bars, I stupidly got off the A8 at the Monaco exit, instead of the subsequent La Turbie exit, thinking that it was too early for lunch time tourist traffic into Cap d’Ail and Monaco (Monte Carlo Daily Photo). Oops! Well there was a convenient turn-about, so I opted to by-pass the traffic and go back up via La Turbie and enter Monaco via Beausoleil, which despite the detour was a far more enjoyable and smooth drive.

Looking out on the Moyen Corniche – La Turbie road.