In Supplication

I found @fishtron’s supplication to some unnamed goddess (probably a waitress at her local café in Vancouver) like a cry or scream into the night.

As a teen I thought of the Moon as a messenger between distant lovers, where I used to lookup and entreat the Moon to carry a message to my first love, when I lived in Sydney and Waterloo.

Selene, the Greek goddess of the Moon appears in many myths and has a couple of names and incarnations. Personally I still see her a part messenger, part cupid, often coquine. Though sometimes I wonder if she’s the goddes of blue balls and cold showers.

I’ve often referred to the Anemoi, the Greek gods of the winds. So a cool spring evening walk, with many floral scents carried on the wind, made me wonder if Boreas also suffered from blue balls.

Shorter URL Links

Joshua Schachter has written an article about The Great Linkrot Apocalypse related to the use of URL shortening services (,,,,,, etc.). Chris Shiflett along with several others are actively discussing proposals such as A rev=”canonical” HTTP Header that a site publisher can use to specify their own recommended short URL, rather than rely on a 3rd party service.

Sites like and Flickr have already added support for many of the ideas discussed. But what is really required is that there be more adoption by blogs, social network sites like twitter and, and applications like twhirl and tweetdeck.

To that end there is already a WordPress plugin called Shorter Links, which having installed it here works very nicely and I assume the author will continue to track the developments in this space. There is also a tool to test self-published shortened URLs.

One can also follow the twitter discussion thread about #revcanonical.

Easter Blossoms

Early yesterday morning, Baka and I were on a long walk through our favourite gully. The dense clouds were riding the wind, which was rustling the trees and carrying many scents of the Judas and Wisteri (Glycine in French) blooms and very soon too will come the Jasmine

Along the route we walk is an old abandoned trolley line that climbs the hill to the old observatory tower and one time restaurant high above Cannes. Its rails hidden amongst the overgrowth of brush and weeds. Its a shame that the city hasn’t thought to convert the old line into a nature walk for hikers or mountain bikers. But then some segments of the trolley line have been reclaimed and blocked off by the residences it passes by. Oh well.

Shawna Coronado writes the Casual Gardner column and the Gardening Nude blog. I noticed this tweet from her last night and after reading the article, it inspired me to write about the memories of distant friends. I should know as mine are scattered the world over and I’m terrible about keeping in touch. But I still have the fond memories.

One distant old friend of mine from Bulgaria, Kathy L, I do keep in touch with by Skype. She was telling me last night about the awesome curry dinner she had recently. She even sent a photo, which just set my mouth to drooling (and you don’t want to drool over a keyboard; makes an awful mess). I do so love a good hot & spicy curry.

Kathy L. curry dinner

This Easter Sunday morning was very quiet, overcast grey, and a touch damp after the night’s rain. Me, all geared up for a morning 10Km run in warm-up pants, old tatty t-shirt, and wind breaker, is wearing sun glasses as I walk Baka along the quiet street.

One effect of wearing sun glasses on overcast days, is that colours like the bright green of budding leaves or pink blossoms of the Judas trees are just that more striking. And almost every where I looked I saw the pink blooms. This is an old pic of Judas tree in bloom as seen from the court yard of my building.


I just love April and May in Cannes.